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Dragging time, the night of a rustic honest working day, in the event the youthful fellows start out pulling the wenches about.

Derby-Doggy, a masterless animal, who is certain to seem when the Epsom study course is cleared for The nice race on the season. No calendar year passes and not using a Pet operating amongst The 2 dense strains of spectators and hunting in vain for an outlet, and he is nearly as eagerly searched for as are definitely the “preliminary canters.

Busk, to offer obscene songs and publications within the bars and during the tap-rooms of community-homes. At times it indicates promoting other posts. Also to “work” general public-homes and particular spots being an itinerant musician or vocalist.

Flatty-ken, a general public-house the landlord of that's ignorant of your techniques of your burglars and tramps who frequent it.

In shape, an Americanism denoting the preterite in the verb to struggle. A Yankee after came on the words and phrases nihil match, and he promptly wrote off on the editor in the paper to which he subscribed to understand “Who was Nihil, who he match, what sum he in shape for, and if he gained.”

Cram, to lie or deceive, implying to replenish or CRAM an individual with Bogus stories; to impart or get Understanding rapidly, to “grind” or put together for an assessment.

Fawney bouncing, providing rings for your pretended wager. This follow is Established on the old tale of the gentleman laying a wager that if he ended up to supply “real gold sovereigns” at a penny a-piece for the foot of London Bridge, the English general public can be as well incredulous to get.

In summary, it is but honest for me to thank, as strongly as weak words and phrases will allow, Individuals gentlemen who may have in numerous ways assisted me. To 2 of these, who are recognized on this planet of literature, and who have not only aided me with tips, but have positioned quite a few new terms and etymologies at my assistance, I am below certain obligation. Using this type of I beg to subscribe myself, the reader’s most obedient servant,

Caucus, A non-public Conference held for the goal of concerting measures, agreeing on candidates for Place of work in advance of an election, &c. This is an American term, along with a corruption of CAULKER’S Conference, becoming derived from an association from the transport fascination at Boston, preceding into the War of Independence, who ended up incredibly Energetic in having up opposition to England.—See Pickering’s Vocabulary.

Inside the early Portion of the last century, when highwaymen and footpads ended up abundant, and once the perilous classes were in greater proportion to the majority from the population than They're now, a terrific lots of new words and phrases have been included to your canting vocabulary, although several aged conditions fell into disuse. “Cant,” For illustration, as placed on robbers’ talk, was supplanted through the term “flash.

Faggot, a expression of opprobrium used by reduced people to kids and ladies; “you small FAGGOT, you!” Faggot was initially a phrase of contempt for just a dry shrivelled old girl, whose bones have been just like a bundle of sticks, only suit to melt away.—Evaluate the French expression for any heretic, sentir le fagot.

Curios, a corruption of “curiosities;” any articles of vertu brought from abroad. Used by naval and navy travellers and Other folks.

Buffer, a well-known expression for the jolly acquaintance, probably within the French BOUFFARD, a idiot or clown; a “jolly outdated BUFFER,” claimed of a good-humoured or liberal outdated guy. In 1737, a BUFFER was a “rogue that killed great seem horses for that sake of their skins, by operating an extended wire into them.

Churchwarden, an extended pipe, “a property of clay;” probably so identified as from the dignity which appears to hedge the smoker of a churchwarden, rouge garments o ring gag pink as well as the duty hooked up to its use. From time to time named an Alderman.

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